Art can solve youth unemployment in Uganda- Israeli artist

  • by Ignatius Liposhe
  • March 29, 2017
Youth in a gallery

Youth unemployment in the country is one of the greatest challenges faced by the government since over 70% of youths are jobless!

However, Rebecca Uziel-Karl an artist from Israel believes that if fine art is taken seriously, it can actually go a long way into tackling youth unemployment.

Rebecca first came to Uganda in 1995 and she engaged the School of Industrial and Fine Arts and the following year; 1996 she started organizing annual Art exhibitions.

This year’s exhibition is the 21st and shall end next month.

Rebecca posing for photos with her fan

In an interview with theUgandan, she appealed to everyone interested to come and learn   how they can transfer the knowledge into an income generating venture.

“It is free of charge for everyone and there are simply too many things to learn and if youth can appreciate arts, it will go a long way into tackling unemployment especially in the youth bracket,” Rebecca explained.

She brings some materials from Israel that she mixes with the local ones to come up with various art pieces.

“Anyone can be an artist as long as they have the interest and put their thoughts on the concept to make products interesting for the people,” she stressed.

Rebecca addressing the press and youth

Rebecca is a Jew born in Bulgaria but moved back to Israel at an early age.

The mother of four travels between Uganda and Israel and over the years she has attracted a number of Israeli tourists to Uganda.