Jinja Police: 8-year-old girl was arrested for kissing fellow girls

  • by Ignatius Liposhe
  • February 2, 2017
Busoga News

Local Police, infamous for being a hardline conservative and withholding information from the public has accidentally revealed that a minor has been arrested on suspicion of being gay, according to reports.

The 8-year-old child reportedly being held in custody by Police after she was found kissing female friends.

Child protection police in Jinja, said the girl was arrested after a neighbour reported her for having “romantic relationships” with other girls of her age.

She allegedly brought classmates to a garden where they would “engage in inappropriate behaviour”.

Chief investigating officer Catherine Wobuyaga said the girl was being held after she admitted to the offences.

Still, we hope to more from Police spokesperson Andrew Kaweesi about the detention.