Budaka believers destroy church, beat up preachers over false prophecy

  • by Ignatius Liposhe
  • February 15, 2017
Believers in church

Residents in Katira sub-county in Budaka District have ganged up on born again Christians who prophesied something that never happened, beating them and destroying the church during a three-day fellowship at Katira Church of Uganda.

Mr Stephen Agolo, the head of the fellowship had announced that a biblical prophet would be coming back on Sunday at 3am and urged believers to turn up in big numbers to witness the return of one of the biblical prophets.

Hundreds of locals from various villages mobilized their neighbors who started arriving at the venue at 8pm in anticipation to receive the man of God.

To the surprise of the congregation, the time came and nothing was happening. This angered the believers who had expected healing and deliverance.

The believers who had endured the night coldness then started to pelting stones at the preachers and destroying windows and doors as well the roof of the church. The angry believers also beat up the organizers severely in revenge for wasting their precious time.

Some of the organizers of the crusade who were severely beaten include Kamwada Mwerere-parish priest of Naboa and the head Christian of Katira Church of Uganda, Mr George Kanapu.

However, Angry Christians are now demanding that the parish priest of Katira Church of Uganda, Mr Dauson Mbulamaye be transferred to another duty station than entertaining such “stupid” and unfound miracles.

The Bukedi region police spokesperson, Mr Sowali Kamulya said that police have embarked on investigations following the beatings and making false announcements.

“This was quite unfortunate and regrettable incidence that the crusade turned chaotic but the organizers have to take the blame for making false allegations,” Mr Kamulya said.

Christians have resolved that following the nasty incidence to where their church has been destroyed, the organizers of the purported crusade should take full responsibility to do the repairs of the items [doors, windows, desks] that were broken.

Meanwhile a delegation of Christians is scheduled to meet their parish Reveraand, Moses Mukenye to forge a way forward following the ugly scenes.