Archbishop Ntagali ‘replaces’ controversial Katonene in West Ankole Diocese

  • by Ignatius Liposhe
  • January 22, 2017
Yona Katonene

Church of Uganda Archbishop Stanley Ntagali this week his pastoral visit in Mitooma District where embattled former Bishop of West Ankole Diocese, Rt Rev Yona Katoneene had been in charge.

Archbishop Ntagali confirmed several Christians into the Anglican faith and in his sermon called for the restoration of sanity at the diocese and conformity to canonical provisions in order to achieve harmony at the diocese.

On Friday, Ntagali stepped in as the search for the new West Ankole Diocese bishop goes on following the forceful removal of Bishop Katonene who was for over 6 years at logger heads with local leaders accusing the cleric of mismanagement and corruption, allegations the retired bishop denies.

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali stepped in and did the work that should have been done by retired Bishop Yona Mwesigwa Katonene whose term expired before the Diocese got a new Bishop.

Archbishop Ntagali also urged the people of Mitooma to work hard and fight poverty warning that nobody will bring food on their table and asked political leaders to stop using the church as a battle field for the satisfaction of their individual interests but focus on building it for the glory of God.

The function was also graced by the Woman MP Jova Kamateka, LC 5 chairman Karyeija, RDC Emmy Ngabirano among others.

By Patson Baraire