Human Rights Activists Condemn Increasing Mob Justice Against Minority Groups


Human rights activists have condemned the continued attacks against sections of minority groups in the country.

This was echoed by a team of activists led by famous Makerere university researcher Dr. Stella Nyanzi in regard to mob justice incident that happened in Kitende, a Kampala city suburb.

This filthy incident involved a Ministry of Energy employee identified as Mubiru Derrick and one Mutebi Ronald who were saved from angry residents that wanted to kill them over allegations of practicing same sex acts.

Mubiru Derrick and another man identified as Mutebi Ronald are nursing gruesome wounds following the attack from locals that accused the duo for indulging in sodomy, an act contrary the law.

According to Nyanzi, the attack was unfortunate and uncalled for.

“There is total breakdown of systems in our country. How can police condon mob justice simply because it’s weighed against somenone who doesn’t subscribe to your school of thought? Those boys need justice and police officers that watched the grusome incident taking place must be arrested.” Nyanzi complained.

An eye witnesses count revealed that, the angry locals wanted to kill and later burn the due as away of discouraging other boys in the area from indulging in the same acts.

Speaking to the press yeaterday, Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Patrick Onyango condemned mob justice but confirmed that some the key suspects in the matter are already behind bars and will get face the wrath of the law.

According to the Anti-Homosexuality bill of 2012, this act is classified as a huge crime that is punishable with life imprisonment.